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A Natural Fix for ADHD?

Recent research sheds some additional light on the “real” problem of ADHD- that is, when a child who’s wired for novelty-seeking is placed in an environment that’s regimented, structured, and lacks the level of complexity they are biologically prepared to manage, there becomes a problem. The result is problematic. But, what’s the solution?
In his recent column for the New York Times, Richard A. Friedman, points to prevalence rates to better understand what adults who no longer are bogged down by problems associated with ADHD might be doing differently in hopes that a better balance of the equation might be found for kids, earlier on in development.
What’s Friedman’s remedy? “First,” he suggests, “we should do everything we can to help young people with A.D.H.D. select situations—whether schools now or professions later on—that are a better fit for their novelty-seeking behavior, just the way adults seem to self-select jobs in which they are more likely to succeed.”
“In the right environment,” Friedman asserts, “these traits are not a disability, and can be a real asset.”
Check out the full piece here!

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