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Q&A: But what do I do in the moment?!

We have begun work in many schools in New York City. As teachers start to try Proactive Plan B we often get this question:

“Ok, I’m going to have a CPS conversation with him/her about this later, but what should I do ‘in the moment’ when it is happening?”

Here’s our short answer:
In the moment, you still only have three options. Plan A, Plan C and Emergency Plan B. If Emergency Plan B doesn’t pan out or the time isn’t right to do Emergency B, then you are left with either A or C. Sometimes one must do Plan A, but its generally easier to move from C to B than A to B later on.

The other thing to remind folks of is that reminding a student not to call out, tap their foot loudly etc is just that – a reminder! Reminders of expectations are any of the Plans and are fine to do. In fact, some gentle reminders may stop the behavior temporarily until you can get to Proactive Plan B to address things more durably.

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