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Hurry Up!

“Hurry up!” is a phrase some parents may know all too well. We can easily imagine the scenario which triggers its initial launch. Yet, have you ever stopped to wonder, from the point-of-view of a small child, how is it being heard? What does it mean to a child? If immediate compliance were obtained as a parent might expect, what would we be asking the child to give up in place of the preference to rush?

While commands, requests, and even desperate parental pleas can roll quickly off the tongue without much thought, one Mom (and special education teacher), Rachel Macey Stafford, thought more carefully about the relative cost of these two small words.

Realizing the expense to her daughter (and to her own self), she found a way to put them aside. Life in the present afforded her the opportunity to escape the stress and frenzy associated with living for some other moment of the future.

Check out the full article posted by The Huffington Post to hear more of her story and come back to share with us your thoughts!

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