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Think:Kids recognizes that changing how we interact with kids takes practice, patience, and persistence. Changing the culture and behavior of a whole staff is even harder. That is why we create deep and lasting partnerships with organizations that implement our approach. 

Transform your organization and become a Think:Kids Partner today! 

Our Partners

The Benefits of Partnership

Think:Kids has spent over a decade helping organizations of all shapes and sizes learn to implement our Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS) approach. We’ve learned the hard way that implementing an evidence-based approach like ours with fidelity and sustainability requires more than just training.

When we partner with organizations, we follow best practices from implementation science using the resources of Massachusetts General Hospital and our Harvard Medical School faculty. We provide state-of-the-art readiness evaluations, intensive training and coaching plans, and project management support.

In addition, our research staff continuously evaluates the fidelity and outcomes of the implementation process, and we use those data to guide ongoing implementation efforts. We complete the process by using our train the trainer process to create a team of experts on your staff certified in Collaborative Problem Solving.

Changing the culture and structures of an organization and the mindset and behavior of staff is hard work, but we are there to help at every step along the way. And we practice what we preach: we collaborate to solve the inevitable problems that arise during the process, working hard to make sure the unique concerns of your organization are addressed.

We do all of this to try to ensure that your staff will not only learn CPS, but that they will practice it well and you will have the internal capacity to carry it on without us afterward. So, if you’re tired of “spray and pray” training and more workbooks collecting dust on the shelf, and you want deep and durable change, become a partner of ours now and begin to see the difference in your organization.

Don’t worry if your organization isn’t ready to become a Partner but would like customized training just for your staff. Through our Associate Program, we can provide training specifically for you. Just click below, and we will be in touch!

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