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Plan B Flashcards

Many of you may have seen or used our Plan B Flashcards in the past. They are a neat way of helping us adults to remember the steps of Collaborative Problem Solving as well as some scripts and tools we can use to facilitate the process. We are excited to share the new version of those flashcards with you now. The new cards reflect the revised steps of Plan B. We are always looking to make the CPS approach easier for folks to understand and use and hope you will find the revised steps of Plan B a step in that direction! The changes are the result of lots of feedback over years. You can purchase your own copies right off our website now.

When considering using the flashcards, however, many folks are worried what the child might think. Our response: show them the card and read it through with them! Fortunately, there are no punches pulled with Plan B. Everything in CPS is transparent. We WANT the kids to know what the steps of good problem solving look like, and we encourage you to explain the process to them. In fact, we are in the process of working on a curriculum to teach the process directly to kids in school and other group settings so they can use it more explicitly with each other and the adults who teach and help them.

Hope you find the new Plan B Flashcards and the revised steps of Plan B useful. Please use social media to let us know what you think. As always, we welcome feedback!

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