Our Team

Dr. Lu Wang

Research Scientist

Lu Wang, Ph.D., is a Research Scientist at Think:Kids. She uses research and data to understand kids with challenging behavior and the impact of Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS) on families and youth. She also provides training for Chinese families and evaluates the needs and impact of cultural adaptations to make the service an even better fit for underserved populations.

Lu is passionate about teaching the CPS approach to parents and bringing CPS to Chinese families. Working with Think:Kids teams, Lu created the Chinese parent class curriculum and actively provides parent classes in Mandarin Chinese.

Lu’s previous research focused on how children understand people’s thoughts and actions and factors that contribute to children’s social skills development.
Dr. Wang earned her doctorate in cognitive psychology and her master’s in statistics at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Before coming to the US for education, Dr. Wang earned her BS from Peking University in China.

About Me:
I’m Lu (she/her/hers), and I’m a parent with two kids. I grew up in China and moved to the US as an adult. What I’ve experienced as a child and parent has shown me that some aspects of parenting transcend cultures; parents often hold similar values and expectations. It also strikes me how different it can be across individuals and cultures, especially in how we communicate with our kids. Seeing the power of Collaborative Problem Solving in building strong relationships and skills kids need, I sincerely believe that CPS works for all families. I feel fortunate to be able to bring CPS to more families in need.

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