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"This American Life"

A family working with us at Think:Kids alerted us to this recent episode of This American Life. This story of one family’s struggle after adopting a child from a Romanian orphanage is heartbreaking, and ultimately heart-warming.  Our approach to working with this type of child varies quite a bit from what’s described, but yet we’re moved by the story of parental persistence in the face of some incredibly challenging behavior.  While this story is an extreme example, we encounter this kind of adult determination to do right by kids all day long.  We are spending an increasing amount of time at Think:Kids talking about, and thinking about, ways that Collaborative Problem Solving can benefit children that have been exposed to  trauma and deprivation, and have been collaborating with Dr. Bruce Perry, a leading trauma researcher, to better understand  the neurobiological effects of trauma, and to begin researching the neurological benefits of Collaborative Problem Solving.  We’re interested to hear your thoughts.

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