• When adults rethink
    challenging kids,
    amazing things can happen.
  • Conventional wisdom is wrong:
    challenging kids
    lack the skill,
    not the will, to behave well.
  • Challenging kids deserve the
    same compassion and
    effective treatment
    as kids
    with other learning disabilities.
  • Our evidence-based approach,
    Collaborative Problem
    works in homes,
    schools, and treatment settings.

Dr. Stuart Ablon

Director of Think:Kids in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Welcome to Think:Kids at Massachusetts General Hospital. Under the Direction of Dr. Stuart Ablon, Think:Kids teaches Collaborative Problem Solving, a revolutionary, evidence-based approach for helping children with behavioral challenges. Learn more here.

Think:Kids provides trainings in Collaborative Problem Solving for parents, clinicians and educators as well as a professional certification program. We also help all kinds of programs implement our approach. Learn more here.

Think:Kids offers a variety of clinical services, support and resources. Make an appointment in our clinic or locate certified providers, programs and support groups in your area. And help us spread the word as a mentor, volunteer or supporter. Learn more here.