Certification in Collaborative Problem Solving

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Become a Collaborative Problem Solving Expert!

Our Certification Course trains individuals to become experts in their understanding and use of Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS). We invite those who have completed the Advanced Concepts (Level 2) course to apply.

Using distance learning, the Certification Course provides personalized training through small group and individual coaching using recordings of your work in order to provide detailed feedback.

Once Certified in CPS, you will join our inspiring international Certified Community who receive ongoing training and support from Think:Kids. As a member, you receive access to various benefits including CPS resources and materials and will be formally recognized as an expert in CPS.


Using online learning and virtual meetings over 12 weeks, learners:

  • Participate in small group learning and discussion sessions.
  • Explore areas of difficulty and exchange ideas on ways to overcome them.
  • Present individual case examples for peer feedback and coaching.
  • Receive individual coaching and mentorship from Think:Kids instructors.
  • Complete assignments, including practice Plan B conversations.
  • Learn how to teach Parent/Caregiver Classes and Introductions to Collaborative Problem Solving effectively.

After completing the Certification Course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate expertise in all phases of the approach.
  • Practice Collaborative Problem Solving with high fidelity.
  • Apply the model in an equitable and inclusive manner.
  • Confidently mentor others in learning and practicing the approach.
  • Teach Parent/Caregiver Classes and Introductions in Collaborative Problem Solving using official Think:Kids curriculum and tools.
  • Display the Certified in Collaborative Problem Solving seal as part of your education and licensure credentials.
  • Enroll in the Trainer Certification course to learn how to teach Essential Foundation in Collaborative Problem Solving.

Graduates of the course are officially Certified in Collaborative Problem Solving.


  • $2,745; $150 non-refundable application fee
    (Tuition quoted as part of a Think:Kids contract engagement may vary.)
  • If you would like to request financial support, please submit a request form. Request forms must be submitted one month before the application deadline.


  • Session 1: March – June
    • Application Deadline: December 1
  • Session 2: June – August
    • Application Deadline: April 1
  • Session 3: September – November
    • Application Deadline: July 1


  • Applications include a recording of your practice of CPS and completed CPS tools.

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Meet the Instructors
Our experienced trainers teach our Certification in Collaborative Problem Solving course.

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What Participants Say

"I know that all over North America and beyond, I will have a community of people Certified in CPS who understand the lens that I operate from when helping people with challenging behaviors."
Alicia Myers, MS CMHC
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