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Collaborative Problem Solving Assessment & Planning Tool (CPS-APT)

The CPS-APT walks you through the steps of assessing unmet expectations/triggers, skills, and challenging behaviors, as well as planning your intervention.


Completed Samples:

Thinking Skills Assessment

Thinking Skills Assessment

Take this 22-question assessment to better understand your own or someone else's thinking skills. You will be asked to reflect on how easy or hard a particular skill is for you or someone you know. Once you finish, you'll get your results and more information about each thinking skill. The assessment is based on the Thinking Skills Inventory (TSI; Wang et al, 2018), which was created and tested by our team of researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School to ensure it is reliable and valid.

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Plan B Organizer

Plan-B Organizer

The Plan-B Organizer helps you, or your team, prepare to conduct a Plan B conversation, stay on track, and offers some helpful tips and reminders.



Collaborative Problem Solving with Students: A Quick Reference Guide

From the authors of The School Discipline Fix: a three-step guide to using Collaborative Problem Solving. The most effective way to address students’ challenging behaviors is with skill development, not motivational incentives or disciplinary measures.

The easy-to-follow guide is an essential tool for tackling challenging student behavior effectively, collaboratively, and compassionately. This 8.5″ x 11″ multi-panel guide is laminated for extra durability and 3-hole-punched for binder storage.

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QRG Mental Health

Collaborative Problem Solving for Mental Health Professionals and Parents: A Quick Reference Guide

An essential guide to the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) approach for anyone working with children outside of a school setting.

In this guide, clinical staff, parents, guardians, and other CPS trainees will find crucial information about the guiding philosophy of the approach; the cognitive skills that contribute to children’s behavior; the key aspects of a CPS assessment; information on planning and prioritizing the treatment; and step-by-step instructions for completing CPS itself.

The easy-to-follow guide is an essential tool for tackling challenging behavior effectively, collaboratively, and compassionately. This 8.5″ x 11″ multi-panel guide is laminated for extra durability and 3-hole-punched for binder storage.

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Plan B Flash Card cover

Plan B Cards

Our Plan B Cards are a wonderful visual reminder tool! The Plan B Cards have been a huge hit among parents and professionals who find them helpful for both maintaining the mindset that “kids do well if they can,” and for keeping Plan B discussions on track. Each card lists the three steps to a Plan B conversation with a sample script and prompts.

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Changeable: How Collaborative Problem Solving Changes Lives at Home, at School, and at Work

Why is it so hard to change problem behavior—in our kids, our colleagues, and even ourselves? Conventional methods often backfire, creating a downward spiral of resentment and frustration, and a missed opportunity for growth. What if the thinking behind these old methods is wrong? What if people don’t misbehave because they want to, but because they lack the skills to do better? Or as renowned psychologist Dr. J. Stuart Ablon asks, what if changing problem behavior is a matter of skill, not will?

With illuminating scientific evidence, remarkable success stories, and actionable insights, Changeable gives parents, teachers, CEOs and anyone interested in learning about why we behave the way we do a roadmap for helping people grow.

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The School Discipline Fix: Changing Behavior Using the Collaborative Problem Solving Approach

Traditional school discipline is ineffective and often damaging, relying heavily on punishments and motivational procedures aimed at giving students the incentive to behave better. There is a better way.

Whether you are a teacher, counselor, coach, or administrator, the CPS approach to school discipline will provide you with a new mindset, an assessment process, and an effective intervention plan for each of your challenging students. You will walk away with strategies that are immediately actionable with the students in your life.

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QRG Mental Health

Collaborative Problem Solving: An Evidence-Based Approach to Implementation and Practice

This book is the first to systematically describe the key components necessary to ensure successful implementation of Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) across mental health settings and non-mental health settings that require behavioral management.

Collaborative Problem Solving is an excellent resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and all medical professionals working to manage troubling behaviors. The text is also valuable for readers interested in public health, education, improved law enforcement strategies, and all stakeholders seeking to implement this approach within their program, organization, and/or system of care.

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Treating Explosive Kids

Treating Explosive Kids: The Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach

The first comprehensive, clinical guide for the groundbreaking Collaborative Problem Solving approach, this book provides a detailed framework for effective, individualized intervention with highly oppositional children and their families. Many vivid examples and Q&A sections show how to identify the specific cognitive factors that contribute to explosive and noncompliant behavior, remediate these factors, and teach children and their adult caregivers how to solve problems collaboratively.

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