Implement Collaborative Problem Solving

Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS), developed at Massachusetts General Hospital, is an evidence-based, trauma-informed practice proven to reduce challenging behavior, teach kids the skills they lack, and build relationships with adults. Using the resources of Massachusetts General Hospital and our Harvard Medical School faculty, we can help you bring a more accurate, compassionate, and effective approach to working with children with behavior challenges to your organization, school, district, facility, or program.

Think:Kids has spent over a decade helping organizations of all shapes and sizes learn and implement our CPS approach. We recognize that changing how we interact with kids takes practice, patience, and persistence.

Bring Collaborative Problem Solving to Your Organization

One implementation solution doesn't work for all organizations; this is why we offer three ways to bring CPS to your organization, school, district, or facility.

Partnership Program

Organization/System-wide Implementation

Associate Program

Whole Team or Organization Training

Public Training

Individuals & Small Groups

Partnership Program

Implementing an evidence-based approach with fidelity and sustainability requires more than just training. It requires changing the structure, culture, and behavior of an entire organization and its staff. While this can be challenging, we are here to help at every step along the way.

Backed by implementation science, our Partnership Program is the most comprehensive and effective way to build a solid foundation in Collaborative Problem Solving and foster ongoing adoption within your organization. We follow implementation science best practices through a phased approach, providing state-of-the-art readiness evaluations, intensive training, coaching, and project management support. Our research staff continuously evaluates the fidelity and outcomes of the implementation, and we use those data to guide our work. Finally, our train-the-trainer model develops a team of experts on your staff certified in Collaborative Problem Solving to give you the capacity to support your CPS training and coaching needs in the future. All training sessions are private and fully customized to your setting and population served.

Associate Program

The Associate Program is an excellent fit for organizations with competing initiatives, significant budget constraints, or organizations on a regional or departmental basis. Participating organizations access our tiered training online or in person at your site.

The Think:Kids team will help you schedule the cadence of training, beginning with an introduction to the philosophy for all staff and progressing to a select group attaining the level of Certified Trainer. We can also advise leadership on evaluation, implementation, and change management best practices to enact yourself.

Public Training

We also offer an a-la-carte, self-service Public Training Program for smaller organizations or programs looking to have an advanced team learn more about Collaborative Problem Solving and determine if it would fit the organization's needs. This highly affordable approach enables individuals or small groups to access our public online training on their schedule without organization commitment to implementation, evaluation, or coaching. Discount pricing is available for five or more participating team members.

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