Certification Course Information

Apply to the Certification in Collaborative Problem Solving Course

Our Certification Course trains individuals to become experts in their understanding and use of Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS). We invite those who have completed the Advanced Concepts (Level 2) course to apply.

Using distance learning, the Certification Course provides personalized training through small group and individual coaching using recordings of your work in order to provide detailed feedback.

Once Certified in CPS, you will join our inspiring international Certified Community who receive ongoing training and support from Think:Kids. As a member, you receive access to various benefits including CPS resources and materials and will be formally recognized as an expert in CPS. Learn more about the Certification Course or start your application below!

Important Information


Prepare to have a recorded Plan B conversation with someone who has exhibited challenging behaviors. In advance of the conversation, complete a CPS APT, a Plan B Organizer, and have an authorized adult sign a consent form. Once you have recorded your conversation, complete a Self-Reflection and then upload all materials with your application.

Note: These conversations can be had with anyone (adult, child, supervisee, spouse, neighbor, etc.), and they must be authentic Plan B conversations - no role plays. Additionally, upon acceptance, learners will be required to have more authentic Plan B conversations as part of the coursework, so they should think about who they will reach out to to meet the course expectations. Again, no role plays. If there are barriers, please contact thinkkidscertification@partners.org to brainstorm.

How to complete your application

  1. Submit your Application Fee ($150 USD) and complete the Registration Form, including your preferred cohort group
  2. Download the required documents to complete (CPS APT, Plan B Organizer, two Consent Forms, and a Self-Reflection)
  3. Complete a CPS APT, a Plan B Organizer, sign your consent to record form, and have an authorized adult sign a consent to record form for the person who will be in your Plan B video
  4. Conduct and record your Plan B conversation
  5. Complete your Self-Reflection
  6. Upload your Plan B recording and all required documents (CPS APT, Plan B Organizer, two signed Consent Forms, and a Self-Reflection) to your Application
  7. Submit your Application for review

Start Your Application

* Be sure to review our Policies tab here and our full Policies on the application system.

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