Margaret Johnson

CPS Certified Trainer & Consultant

Margaret Johnson, LMSW, is a Clinical Trainer, Consultant and CPS Certification Program Instructor. She also teaches Think:Kids’ online CPS classes for caregivers.  Margaret specializes in the use of CPS within residential, in-home, and child welfare settings. She studied Psychology and Creative Writing at San Francisco State University and completed her Social Work degree at the University of Southern California. Margaret has completed in-depth study and application of trauma-informed care under the tutelage of the National Council on Behavioral Health and has participated in child trauma assessment and case management training with Dr. Bruce Perry.

Margaret has been working with at-risk families and children since 2000 in a variety of roles. She has served as the clinical director of various child welfare-based programs and recently served as the director of the CPS Project at Oregon Health & Science University which has helped guide the implementation of CPS across the children’s system of care in Oregon. Margaret has helped many programs, families, and individuals implement CPS and has successfully adapted her approach to meet individualized needs. Margaret is dedicated to increasing the accessibility, inclusivity, and cultural responsiveness of Collaborative Problem Solving and seeks to bring the model to a broader community of underserved populations.

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