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Assessing Providers’ Integrity to Collaborative Problem Solving

Development and Evaluation of an Audio Coding System for Assessing Providers’ Integrity to Collaborative Problem Solving in Youth-Service Settings

Pollastri, A. R., Wang, L., Raftery-Helmer, J. N., Hurley, S., Eddy, C. J., Sisson, J., Thompson, N., & Ablon, J. S. 


Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) is a widely disseminated, neurobiologically based, trauma-sensitive treatment for children’s challenging behavior. Measuring treatment integrity is critical to support implementation and continued research on the approach. This study provides psychometric support for a system that can be used to measure whether practitioners are using the Collaborative Problem Solving treatment approach with integrity, or as intended by the developers of the approach. Researchers and practitioners can use this system to advance their skill and understanding of CPS, and its development provides a model to support the creation of integrity measurement systems for other therapeutic approaches.

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