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Covid Resources

Our Response to COVID-19 ★

Additional Resources to Support Children and Families during the Coronavirus Pandemic

New Online CPS Courses

In response to COVID-19, Think:Kids has recently shifted our Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS) trainings and parent groups to online platforms to help people access the support and information they currently need. Certificate of completion or PDPs/CEUs and group discounts are available for all levels of our CPS courses.
Learn this effective approach to reducing challenging behavior from the convenience of your home, from anywhere in the world!

Online Tier 1 Training – August 2020

Think:Kids along with presenters, Jordan Spikes and Randi Cooper, M.Ed invite parents, educators, residential program staff, mental health clinicians, and anyone who is living with or helping kids with challenging behavior to learn more about Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS), the revolutionary, evidence-based approach for helping children develop the skills they need to manage their behavior. https://tier1onlineaugust.eventbrite.com

Online Tier 2 Training – July 2020

Think:Kids Clinical Trainers and Certification Instructors, Heather Johnson, LCSW and Ted Layman, LCSW will lead this web-based Tier 2 Training. Tier 2 training focuses on advanced concepts and application of the CPS model and qualifies participants to apply for certification in Collaborative Problem Solving. This online Tier 2 training also provides CPS practitioners a community and a sounding board to troubleshoot issues and plan dynamic initiatives to address challenging behavior in the children we seek to support. https://tier2onlinejuly.eventbrite.com

Online CPS Parent Groups

Join other families and learn how to help your kids become the best version of themselves. These groups are taught by CPS Certified Trainers and will:

  • Address problems before things become escalated between you and your child.
  • Explore why children sometimes struggle to meet day-to-day expectations.
  • Help you and your child build critical skills.
  • Connect with other parents in a compassionate and non-judgmental setting.

More information at: www.thinkkids.org/parentgroups

New! Online CPS Coaching Groups

Learning CPS is one thing. Using it in the real world is another! We’re excited to launch new web-based coaching groups specifically to help you apply the model in your own setting, with your own kids.

If you are looking for the opportunity for more guided practice before advancing to the next level, whether it be attending Tier 2 or applying to become CPS Certified, CPS coaching is for you!!

Online Intro Training

Think:Kids and the MGH Department of Psychiatry are providing an online CEU-credited course at a reduced rate. This introductory training is a foundation for professionals and parents interested in learning more about the Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS) approach to understanding and helping children and adolescents with behavioral challenges. https://buff.ly/2XGXx2U

How to Manage Challenging Behavior During These Challenging Times

Flexibility, frustration tolerance, and problem-solving skills are needed now more than ever. But chronically stressful situations like this pandemic make it harder to access those skills. Here are some important reminders to help you during these unprecedented times stay calm when facing challenging behaviors at home.

  • Kids and adults are all doing the best they can right now with the skills they have. Kids exhibiting challenging behavior are doing so because of lack of skill, not will.
  • Effective problem-solving starts by trying to understand the child’s concern or perspective first. Whether it’s challenges regarding remote learning, physical distancing, bedtime schedules or any other problem, start by ask what’s getting in the way?
  • The most important thing we can do right now is LISTEN to kids, rather than concentrating on how to talk to them.

Live Q&A: Challenging Behaviors during Challenging Times: Challenging behavior has escalated during this crisis, both from kids who struggle to manage their behavior and from those who don’t normally struggle but are currently under enormous stress and facing new challenges. In this weekly Live Q&A Series, Dr. Stuart Ablon, Thomas G. Stemberg Endowed Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Director of Think:Kids at MGH, provides practical ideas and suggestions for parents, teachers, and caregivers of children and adolescents to help during these challenging times. Join the Live Q&A online, Tuesdays thru May 12th – 2PM EST

Access recordings of previous Live Q&A sessions with Dr. Stuart Ablon:

Dr. Ablon talks with leading child trauma expert, Dr. Bruce Perry, as a guest and provides suggestions on how to address challenging behaviors that are escalating during the pandemic. https://vimeo.com/407292827

Ideas on how to build flexibility, tolerance and problem-solving skills to cope with the stress and anxiety provoked by the coronavirus pandemic.Dr. Ablon via Psychology Today. https://www.thinkkids.org/managing-challenging-behavior-during-traumatic-times/

Thinking differently about expectations and making your kids “co-authors” of daily routines can help families address current challenges at home and in the virtual classroom. Dr. Ablon on Boston25 News. https://bit.ly/2WZRru9

Everyone is struggling now. Parents, teachers, kids—we are all feeling incredibly isolated and stressed. Mass dysregulation is perhaps the best way to describe it. The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to escalating conflict in our homes and disturbing rates of abuse across the globe. We can handle this together, but we need to do things differently. Dr. Ablon on managing challenging behavior during traumatic times: https://buff.ly/2VMMJz3

What can parents do to build up skills while at home with kids? Dr. Ablon explains how challenging behavior is caused by lagging skills and details step-by-step what we can do to reduce stress, improve relationships, and build important life skills during this period of quarantine. https://youtu.be/_cjCBkVU32I

While families with young kids juggle homeschooling and the constant supervision it requires, parents of teens face a different set of issues during this pandemic. How can parents support adolescents during a time when many teens are struggling with the loss of structure and routine? https://bit.ly/2A3h0Bf