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Trauma-informed Schools

Clinical settings have aspired to provide what is referred to as trauma-informed care for some time now. We are glad to see other types of programs and systems doing the same. For example, schools are filled with children who exhibit chronic challenging behavior as the direct result of having been exposed to toxic overwhelming stress or trauma. As this article in the Times suggests, traditional school discipline is poorly suited to helping such children but there are other trauma-informed methods that are effective.

Later this week in our conference featuring Dr Ablon and Dr Bruce Perry, we will explore how Collaborative Problem Solving operationalizes trauma-informed care across all kinds of settings. When we use Dr Perry’s work to help schools understand how chronic stress (such as loss, living in poverty, abuse, neglect) arrests brain development, we find educators are better able to understand the behavior and respond empathically to it. In other words, there are well positioned to use CPS.
There is still time to join us this week to learn more!

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