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The Blame Game

Certified Trainer, Lauren Odum Tucker, Student Services Coordinator at United Methodist Family Services in Richmond VA shared the link to this story with us recently. Below are her thoughts on it:

I’ve been stewing over the story on the other end of the link above and how I want to respond (other than just typing Please visit !!!). I think it’s a disturbingly accurate portrayal of how easy it is to oversimplify issues that occur in schools with overwhelming numbers of kids with challenging behaviors. Having started my teaching career at a school very similar to the one described, I can empathize with their frustration, but wholeheartedly disagree with the blame game and how it lands squarely on the children and their families. It’s also sad to hear how helpless teachers/school staff feel in regards to their ability to help!

“There are too many parents who raise their children to be disrespectful little brats and then expect teachers
to tolerate or fix the behavior. Teachers cannot be expected to undo all of the damage done by lazy,incompetent parents who refuse to accept responsibility for their kids’ bad behavior.”

A few years ago I would have been upset by this story, but felt somewhat ill-equipped to respond with any possible solutions. THANK YOU for introducing me to CPS and enabling me to feel as though I have the tools to respond to many of these concerns with a new, clear, unconventional, dignity-preserving and broadly applicable approach. Not only that, but an unwavering sense of urgency to continue to spread the message!

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